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Synthetic Grass


Berry Bowling Systems offer these great options for its specially designed and installed Rapid Free Draining base system:

"Pro-Master Ultra Cool Plus"

Our new innovation in Synthetic Bowls Surface - with Non Directional yarn

Years of research and testing has come to the development of our new high quality, UV stable, low sand dressed synthetic bowls surface.

More than 60 percent more yarn making it comfortable without a cushion backing, amazing draw and bias.        

As the new surface goes down, and bowlers place there first bowl, they are highly excited by its feel and performance.

"Pro-Master Super"

Our most traditional Synthetic Bowls Surface - with KDK Non Directional yarn

This is our high quality, traditional, UV stable sand dressed synthetic bowls surface.

Often referred to as the first generation in synthetic surfaces for bowling greens. This traditional sand-dressed Synthetic Bowling Surface is still a major part of the installations by Berry Bowling Systems. Basic, Simple and Popular. A well installed sand dressed system does not have "fish tails" when bowling, visually the existence of sand should be seamless, when installed and settled in correctly.

The excellence of this product was recognised in 1995 by the awarding of World Bowls Accreditation, which it still holds today.

"Pro-Master Super" with Cushion backing

Our innovation in comfort

This is an identical playing surface to Pro-Master Super, with the added convenience of our specially designed and manufactured Cushioning layer.

Berry Bowling Systems has always been an innovator, and the addition of our specially designed and manufactured CUSHION back is no exception to the rule.

Player comfort is a high priority, and for those who prefer sand dressed systems, it is easy to upgrade to the Pro-Master Super Cushion.

It only takes a few minutes walking on this innovative product to notice the difference. If your budget can afford the upgrade, then Pro-Master Super Cushion is where your budget can best be utilised.

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